Lenzy 3D: unparalleled 3D effects on transparent materials

You see…intriguing convex shapes and depth effects. It’s… Lenzy 3D®. After years of development, it’s finally here!

Lenzy 3D® is a special printing technique that converts transparent materials like glass and acrylic plastic into a unique and optical decorative panel, either on one or both sides and in all shapes and sizes. This makes it possible to create fantastic and dynamic 3D effects, also for your product!

 The decorative 3D effects can be used for:
• Glass or plastic dividing walls
• Shower and sanitary walls
• In-store advertising
• Hotel interiors
• Ship interiors
• Car styling
• And more!


Lenzy 3D® can also be used to save energy: when used in light fixtures, the lens pattern provides optimal light output so that offices and public spaces can be well lit using less energy.

Want to learn more? Call us at +31 (0)183 62 65 88 or send an e-mail to info@bergmanmediagroup.nl. We would be happy to help you come up with ways to increase the value of your product with Lenzy 3D®.